My first blog post - Turnstones

So today I decided to start a blog on my website, as I am sure you are aware or you wouldn't be reading this. I chose to start a blog because through my love of photography I find I am always learning and experiencing new things. So, I thought it was about time I shared these things.

This week I was working half days at work (a local camera shop of course) which meant I had the mornings to myself. On Wednesday I chose to go to a beach I don't usually go to, in Pagham, near the RSPB nature reserve. The weather was a bit windy and wet but I was lucky enough to run into a small group of turnstones and ended up with the photograph below.

Turstone at pagham-1.jpg

Shortly after taking this image though I saw the rain moving in across the sea. So reluctantly, with my camera equipment in mind I headed for home. Unfortunately it was not rain, and was in fact a rather intense hailstorm, the likes of which I had never experienced. Upon arriving at my car I could not even see into it because of the amount of ice covering the windows. Ice, which had only accumulated in around 40 seconds of it hailing.

The next day when the whether was brighter I returned. This time I unexpectedly found the same group of turnstones in the same place. So I set up with my tripod and camera at what I considered to be an un-intrusive distance away and started taking photographs. Thanks to the warming and calming affect of the sun I soon had this photo (below).

Turstones at pagham, march re-edited-1.jpg

This little turnstone seemed to be enjoying the warmth of the sun much more than I was. He sat there, leaning on the post for a good few minutes, occasionally glancing out to sea.

 Inevitably,  the group was soon off and moving again, foraging amongst the stones in search of their next meal. One however decided to investigate who this weird man was sat staring at them. So over he trotted, with legs moving as if separate from it's body and at quite a speed, before coming to a stop in front of me. 

I don't think I have had many intimate wildlife encounters like I did yesterday because once he reached a distance of roughly 7 ft. in front of me he seemed to be intently staring and judging me. I assume to deduce whether or not I was a treat. But it resulted in this photograph (below) and what I would call a very good day of wildlife photography before he carried on with his foraging around me.

Turstones at pagham, march-5.jpg